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I love my dogs. I have a very difficult time relaxing if I do not feel assured that

they are safe and being cared for as they are at home. I did not want to have

to put them in an industrial, concrete floor kennel boarding facility. Safely

Home Pet Sitting Service is as good as it gets. My little girl dog is a special needs

pup who was a rescue from a puppy mill after years of being used (abused!) as a breeder.

She not only enjoys her time with Safely Home Pet Sitting, but comes back to me stronger

and braver, clearly well taken care of, healthy and happy. I am so glad to have this

service. It give me great peace of mind to know my doggies have a safe place where they will receive

fantastic care when I need to be away from them. I do not hesitate to recommend

Kristin and Safely Home Pet Sitting. You will not find better! B.R.


Kristin has truly been a blessing to both me and my dogs! As a senior vet student with a busy, unpredictable schedule, finding someone that I trusted to take care of my three large, behaviorally challenged dogs was anxiety inducing. Once I was lucky enough to find Kristin I was able to relax knowing that my dogs were taken care of so incredibly well! Nothing is better than getting a message saying that your dogs have all gone potty and are thoroughly enjoying cuddles and being brushed. Her attention to detail and thoroughness is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn't be happier knowing that my dogs are in the best hands possible. I can't say enough good things about her and how fortunate my dogs and I are to have her. I highly recommend her as she is someone who genuinely cares about both you and your animals.



"Loved the service"

I have used safely home pet sitting on several occasions and their service us exemplary! I have a difficult dog and Kristin knows just how to handle him. I trust him with no one else. She also goes above and beyond by checking the perimeter and switching lights. We are so thankful for her. For the first time in 9 years we can go on overnight trips! - Dr. Leslie Rapsawich, DC

"I travel a lot for work, but my travel hours are often outside the parameters for regular doggy day cares. My pups also have some special needs, so I never felt comfortable with the idea of moving my dogs outside my home while I was gone. Kristin has been the perfect and affordable answer to my scheduling and travel problems. My dogs love, love, LOVE her and the care and attention she gives them is beyond what I could have hoped for. She is endlessly patient and does little things like brush them, leave notes or send texts about their day, and will even leave a light on for me on the nights I get home late. My dogs are always so happy and relaxed when I get home from a long day, so I never have to worry. I'd recommend Safely Home Pet Sitting to anyone who wants someone to love their pups like family."--Sarah J. Storer, Grandview

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